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Dinner and a show

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So we took my sister to a show for her birthday. Really, to be honest it was more for me than her, but she was happy to go. Happy to have a place to hang out for the night and happy to have something to do other than rip up carpet at my mom’s.

She is a newly annointed lacto-ovo vegetarian. Not sure that eating mac and cheese and cheese quesadillas is going to sustain her for long but she insists so we try and accomodate. Chinese was the request so we ordered up the mock duck and had a nice pre-show meal.

Headed out to the 7th St. Entry around 9, got there just in time for a trip to the bar before Jeremy Messersmith took the stage. It was a good set, a nice beginning to a great evening. Next up was The Winter Blanket. Astonishingly good. I loved every minute of it and my excitment was building as Chris Koza took the stage.

Now, I love Chris Koza. I had been waiting for this show, I wanted my sister to love this show. She was a bit drunk to love it, she actually apologized on our way out because she thought we left early. Weird since we were on our feet for 3 hours. Loved it anyways. I even loved the little encore that seemed a bit rushed, but it was good. Very good.

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