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Life marches on in Philly

Posted: January 13th, 2007 | Author: | Filed under: Before We had Kids! | No Comments »
So I talked to one of my closeset friends from college the other day. She had sent me an email saying she had some “news”. So after a few messages and lots of anticipation I finally got her on the phone. At 28 there really is only one thing that qualifies as “news” for married couples.

She could be telling me where she got into a PhD program (she would have just said), she could be telling me she is moving from Philly to the Twin Cities (long shot) but she told me what she did. She’s pregnant. Trumpets sounded in my head and my eyes got a little blurry. Not too sure if she could really feel how thrilled I was as I was trying to keep my car on the road in some nasty traffic. I am excited and thrilled. I wish I was there, I wish we were as close now as we once were. I wish I was in the same place as she was.

I say I don’t want kids. And that is true. Right now I don’t. Sometimes I think I will never want them, others I think maybe someday. Sometimes, like when I was on the phone with her I wanted to be pregnant too. Maybe it’s because I’m 28. Maybe it’s because I’ve been married for 4 years and I love my husband and my job and we shower too much affection on our very naughty dog. In my head, somewhere in the back I know I will have kids. Maybe just one, maybe more.

For now I will be excited for her and hopefully be better at keeping in touch.

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