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Biggest Loser

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So we have this little competition going at my store- who can lose the largest percent of their weight in 91 days. Everyone is in for 20 bucks so the pot is around $400. Not bad, buy yourself some new red and khaki at the end of it right.

This is hard. You would think we have a bit of friendly banter going right? Not so much. Instead it critiquing of the foods we eat and hoping others will sabotage themselves at the deli. Myself, I try to just think it in my head– “Is she really putting that entire container of fried chicken on that salad? 3 packets of dressing? The fat isn’t in the lettuce dude!”

I am eating much better. Huge salads everyday for lunch- grilled chicken, veggies, fat free vinaigrette dressing. Yogurt, 100 cal packs of snacks, string cheese. Some days I feel like I’ve been eating all day.

So far I think I’ve had modest success. I’m down 1.8% after 2 weeks. Not bad considering I gained 2 lbs the first week. I’m not really doing this to win, I have a trip to Virginia in April and I’d love to surprise my in laws with a new thinner me.

Actually, the one who is probably going to win is the girl from grocery who got her wisdom teeth out last week and was on a liquid diet for 5 days…cheater.

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