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This Old House

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I love this house. I’m glad I do not OWN this house, but I love living here just the same. I like seeing Father Mike in the mornings walking Christina and Katie when I go out to my car. I like the crazy Lebanese wedding parties that go well into the night. You don’t get this in the suburbs. When are we going to buy? Where are we going to live? What exactly do we want to live in? These are the constant questions in our lives right now. Yes, old houses are a full of nice woodwork, niches, history, bad plumbing, lack of outlets and light fixtures with pull chains. Honey hates yard work and I must say I don’t exactly enjoy it. I kill everything green anyway and I get my fill of mowing at my moms. Condo? Concrete, brick and stainless steel, it has that yuppie urban feel that I’m not sure fits us but flirting with the idea is fun. My mom is convinced I don’t want a yard because I must’ve had a horrible childhood growing up in Maple Grove…no, I’m just kinda lazy and don’t want to waste my weekends weeding gardens.

The commute isn’t horrible, 30 minutes, freely flowing 94 west, plug in the iPod and mentally prep for the day. Unwind all the way home on 94 east while across the median people are creeping by at a snails pace. No, I’m glad I have my commute.

The neighborhood, St.Anthony West, gotta love it. Emily’s on the corner, Elsie’s down the street. I wish we had more trick or treaters on Halloween, something about getting dressed up for 6 people kinda puts a damper on the evening. You notice when the big elms get cut down, you notice when the Squirrel Lady needs to put up more corn cobs, you wonder what exactly they are doing to the house at the end of the block and you get really excited when the drug dealer on the next block over is evicted. I don’t think you’d notice these things in the suburbs. Dog walks to Boom Island, watching fireworks from the front lawn. I don’t think it gets any better. Having the entire neighborhood come outside at once during a power outage on a summer night and just hang out, having everyone out shoveling the sidewalks together, taking a snow day.

We’ll see. Law school comes before home ownership. Until then I’m going to enjoy my little first floor paradise.

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