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6 years!

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You married this girl!

And I married a Kappa Sigma named Black Jack?

How wonderful that a few bottles of Les Bourgeois and a midnight swim in a pool we broke into ended in marriage. What kind of courtship story is that?

When you know, you know.

I love you Honey. I’m so glad I invited you to that party on May 11th 2001. I still can’t believe we got engaged on July 24th 2001. I’m so glad we got married October 19th 2002. I’m so lucky– and I remembered all the “important” dates!

I’d also like to thanks those who got us here:

MU Class of 2001- Sims, Kate, Jenn O

Kevin, for obvious reasons.

And of course, Chuck Guilford

“chickin’ nugget! chickin’ nugget!”

Happy Anniversary!

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