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So, when I came home from work the other day (Saturday) I noticed my dead Hens and Chicks were all over the floor on our porch. I figured that one of the neighbors bumped the minnow bucket they were growing in with their bike and being they are dried up and dead they just went everywhere. i didn’t think anything of it. No big deal.

Last night, our upstairs neighbor knocked on our door. Her bike had been stolen Saturday morning from our front porch. It was locked up. Behind closed doors. Steps away from our front window. Her roommate also had his car broken into the same day. I had walked my dog that morning between 6 and 7 before I went to work, I didn’t notice the plant knocked over then, some days she takes her bike to her boyfriends so I guess I didn’t even notice it was missing until she said something.

I don’t really feel the safest knowing that someone probably dug up the top of my plant looking for a key. Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time the rocks that circled the top of my makeshift planter were tossed to the ground.

I want to set up a camera or something! I checked out the crime stats for the week of 5-22 and there were quite a few thefts/ vehicle crimes in my neighborhood. I really don’t like this rash of activity. It makes me not want to go around the block. It makes me want to lock my doors and windows and never go outside. Not that that would matter, it’s happening on my front porch.

So, all night long, every time Stanley got up I woke up my husband with a nudge- Stanley hears something, go check the porch! when my alarm clock went off at 4:30 I was dead tired. Ignorance is bliss. Until she told me about her bike, I blamed the plant on the squirrels and was reveling in my safe neighborhood.

On a different note…I’m going back to school!

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