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Here we go

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The Party is on Saturday.

So, if I do the grocery shopping this morning and deposit them to the party site I can clean my house today and start the scrapbook. Scrapbook? Yes, because I don’t have enough to do I want to scrapbook my mom’s life in the next 24 hours. Where will I get pictures? From the huge boxes of pictures The Godfather brought to my mom’s house of course. So far I’ve only found B and W’s from the 20’s. Maybe her stuff is further down in the box.

So, Target today.
Clean the house in case Ryon and TJ are staying with us.
Dinner from Holyland- Honey will pick it up on the way home- no cooking=no dishes!
Ryon and TJ arrive sometime around 3am (maybe? do I have to stay up for this?)

Thursday Ryon and I will do any last minute shopping, beer, wine, decor
Check in at mom’s house, clean?

Friday- cook til we drop
Shoe shop
Mani-pedi appointments at the cheapest place we can find- more beer buyin’ money that way

Saturday- stop at farmers market and get flowers on our way to mom’s
Pick up cake in Minnetonka- Buttercream Collection, nothin’ but the best- PRINCE get’s these cakes, you really can’t go wrong!
Start setting up
Send the boys for buns and ice and anything else we need
Now, since we are figuring around 60 people will be there and we have no seating planned- I know, what was I thinking we will be busy figuring that out, hopefully before guests arrive at 4!

Now, I can only hope that this party, which is supposed to bring in the 50’s with a bang and christen them into something good, (something her divorce filled 40’s were not) actually goes off without a hitch. There is a lot riding on this one party, especially a party planned at the peak of graduation season on Father’s Day weekend. Not everyone will be there, but no one ever is I suppose. Let’s just hope we have enough food, enough beer and Bryant brings his guitar so when we are sitting by the bonfire we have something to listen to.

P.S. Nothing to do with this but Etsy.com is the best thing ever, I see my money going there fast.

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