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Day two

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So, major groceries are done. Do I need more than 30lbs of pork for 60+ people? we’ll find out. Smoking this shit is going to be quit the chore tomorrow.

Scrapbook. So, I thought I had everything I needed, then I went back to Archivers. $45 later I realised I did not have everything I needed. I think it’s because last time I went I somehow got out under 20 bucks.

Right now I’m trying to slurp down a smoothie before we run over to Snap. I know, we are so dedicated to our fitness. Funny how joining a gym after 3 years of sitting on your ass makes you some sort of workout maniac. Don’t worry, we’ll hit Taracinno on our way home. Gotta have good coffee to fuel the party shopping- plates, forks, still don’t know where people are going to sit…plus pop and beer. How much of that do you need for 60+ people? Do I need drink boxes for the little kids? I’m so bad at this.

Stay tuned for day 3, cookin’ and cleanin’ day with a huge payoff in the mani-pedi department. I need to get my brows waxed and find some cute shoes too. Good thing that pork cooks low and slow- plenty of time to run out to the MG.

I did give up on going through the boxes of photos from my grandpas. Not before I found these really cool silk war maps that say “For use by the War and Navy Department Only” and one with an american flag on it and something written in French, German, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Lao- I’ll have to find out what this is.

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