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Day Three

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Well, it takes a long time to pull 30 lbs of pork. Quite a long time. At one point the knife was brought into action as the pulling fingers were too hot and couldn’t pull anymore.

I think we are on track. The food is all done, except for the mac and cheese and that has to be done the day of or it gets all weird and seperated, so we are good. The house is clean. Plants are planted. It rained tonight so hopefully it won’t tomorrow. All 20 digits are buffed, shaped and painted various shades of red. The hair is freshly colored. The scrapbook is partially done, enough so that it looks like a scrapbook. It’s not my best work, it is a work in progress quite obviously, but what can you expect from someone who takes days to finish a page let alone 20 in under a week. Whatever. People will get the point I’m sure. It beats changing all the pictures in frames to pictures of my mom.

Today the RSVP’s topped 70. I hope we have enough food, but I guess if you wait until the night before to RSVP you can’t expect to have seconds and thirds and another round at midnight right?

Tomorrow we hit the Farmers Market for some flowers. Pick up the cake in Minnetonka and baloons in Maple Grove. Cold beer and ice and we should have ourselves a party. I will be happy when this is over.

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