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Henry-Simon is the bestest

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Because he demands(!) to be loved, then he walks away when he’s had his fill.

He likes to talk first thing in the morning, especially if you happen to be on the pot.

This stocky fellow has me wrapped around his finger. With his tendency to get his claws stuck into everything he is near (retract I say!) and his ability to turn me into a blubbering idiot full of cat love talk.

I don’t care how often I need to swiffer my floors to catch all of the hairball offspring he’s created, I wouldn’t change him for the world.

When poor Hen was given to me, he was shoved into the world of Audrey (Funny Little) it was a pretty little world full of pink collars and feather toys. H-S wanted nothing of that world. A weird world where the other cat liked to get baths…WTF?

Audrey is an attention seeker, she’ll paw you and drool for hours, let you carry her around and then slap you away. H.S. is more of the “let me give you a rub, but keep your hands off type”.

It’s been 7 years and he’s finally settled in to our lives. Audrey is the queen, we all know this and abide by her rules. Stanley is just someone to be reckoned with- how can you not in all his hairless glory. Henry is mom’s little sweet talker. Vocal as ever, climbing up your pant legs with his claws dug snugly into your calves.

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