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I love my new gym.

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No pressure.

I can go, walk on the treadmill (I’m not talkin’ about a stroll here) do the elliptical and go home. I can do the weight machines and not feel like an idiot either.

It’s not full of women in skimpy little outfits or bulging men pumping iron and grunting.

It’s got Sex in the City and Entourage playing on the televisions and jump ropes- that I can take OUTSIDE if I want to. I love to jump rope. I don’t think I’d do it at the gym, but I love the option.

I have never been good at going to the gym- in college I would go and sit on the recumbent bike for an hour while I did my reading- mostly to distract me from cleaning or doing actual homework- or actual reading for that matter. I wouldn’t call it actual working out either.

After college we belonged to some expensive yuppie gyms where everyone talked on their cell phones while they were on the treadmills and the big draw was the steam bath and the whir pool. That was a lot of money for nothing, couldn’t stand the place, even if it did have a pool.

This gym, I like this gym. I’m in and out almost every day. I haven’t done my “fitness test” with a trainer yet and I really don’t plan on it. I think getting off my ass and getting back into some routine is a good enough start, plus I also got some  ultra omega burn supplements to help me out.

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