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Okay, maybe there is a little bit of pressure.

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So, I was talking to the gym owner the other day, asked him where he went to school- he looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place him. I work near where he grew up, we know some people in common, not enough that I would know him from somewhere else though.

So, I Googled him.

First it was some tennis sites- he played tennis in HS and college. OK.

Then, it was a modeling agency. Page after page of lovely print ads, my rain-soaked trainer looking HOT!

I work out in front of a fucking male MODEL everyday!!!

Now I feel the need to have perfect hair and outfits when I go there. Pressure.

Why oh why do I Google?

I’m glad I passed on the beautiful rich looking Birthday cake his friend brought to him- yes, it was his Birthday Tuesday- he’s 25. A baby. Driving a BMW, owning my gym.

This is between you and me.

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