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Tattoos don’t tickle. Let’s start planning that half-sleeve!

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I finally- after a 10 year wait- got my 3rd tattoo. I shouldn’t have waited, I think I would have been better off with the pain fresh in my mind, but it’s done and over now, time for the healing to begin.

I still haven’t had a really good look at it, still bandaged up, waiting to take that off until after we hit the gym but I am so frickin’ pumped!

I LOVE tattoos.

I love that I married someone who has taken my bad girl self and made it seem normal (and not so bad). My freshly inked Honey, planning out his half-sleeve. It’s too cute for words.

As I sat down to get this tattoo- Joan of Arc quote between the shoulder blades I tried to think of a time when I might not want this tattoo, I couldn’t think of a time. Even when I’m old. Everyone I know has tattoos- and I’m not running with a particularly strange crowd in that respect. It’s a part of my generation, I expect to see tattoos, it’s weird if you DON’T have one. I imagine when we are old and throwing weddings for our kids we’ll be trying to figure out how to cover them up in our Mother of the Bride dresses, but it won’t be an odd problem to have.

So, once that thought passed- yes, revelation, I’ll probably have a kid, we got down to business. Now, I love getting tattoos, but after the anticipation wears off and before the endorphins kick in, that shit hurts! There were moments when I couldn’t listen to the Coltrane and I couldn’t talk about new CD releases and what’s coming up for good shows this summer. I wanted to crawl out of my body and be done. Maybe it was because I couldn’t see this one. I couldn’t see the progress, I couldn’t tell by the movement of the needle where we were exactly. It wasn’t until he switched from the single needle to the filling needle that I dared to ask how far we had gone.

It actually went a lot quicker than I had planned, which was good. I’m not sure how long I could last. My sister has amazing tattoos- hours and hours worth, I don’t know how she stands it. Does she take a vicodin first, Tylenol just doesn’t take the edge off.

Anyway, St. Sabrina’s is the best (and like a mini Ikea showroom to boot), go see Mike, we love him.

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