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They like me! They really like me!

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So, I interviewed to transfer stores- open a brand spanking new store yadda yadda whatever.

Then I waited. Friday came and went. No calls for me. No calls for any of us who were waiting, constantly checking our walkies and racing to office phones when it was for us.

Had a nice weekend. Ate lots of meat at Fogo de Chao. Read Harry Potter.

Monday morning I tried to be cool. It’s hard to be cool when everyone is asking you if you have heard. It’s hard to be optimistic when you are rethinking every answer to every question. It’s hard to be cool when you know you could be getting a feedback call instead of an offer call.

Then I got pulled into the office to talk- HR was sick. “You will get your call this week, stop sweating it, you’re in.”

Birds were singing. Angels were strumming harps. I’m pretty sure my husband appeared somewhere with a 10 karat diamond ring.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been chosen. For the store where everyone was handpicked. Actually, I have been chosen to play a part that is central to almost every job in the store. Wow.

Now that I’ve had a chance to let it sink in, the extreme schedule change, the enormity of the task I’ve taken on. I’m still cool with it. It’s easy to say yes when you are glad to be chosen. What comes next is hard. I have less than 3 weeks in my current position. Then I have a few weeks of training at another store and then we have mass hire, store turnover, planorama, first trucks, quiet opening, GRAND opening.

I hope they like me. I must not disappoint. I feel like I have a lot on my shoulders now and on top of that I’m finally (FINALLY!) finishing up my degree.

When will I see my husband? How will we adjust to me working overnights? When will we work out? Will my team like me? Will I do a good job?

So, feet first I jump in. A new world awaits.

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