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Countdown to 8-18-07

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The In-Laws will be passing through on on their way to drop off BIL #2 at school in Montana. It will be a quick trip, just a 24-hour turn around from arrival to departure.

I have vowed to have the house properly deep-cleaned this time. I am always sort of in disarray when they come, no matter how much time I put into cleaning and organizing and whatnot. Suddenly the Rubbermaid container we have in the bathroom to store all of our extra bathroom stuff that has no home seems out of place. To us it’s just a temporary fix in a house with 2 closets and only one bank of cabinets in the kitchen, but when they are here it seems utterly inadequate.

After two years here and no end in sight I have finally given in to making this place “ours”. Today, we got a new oak toilet seat. To commemorate the occasion I scrubbed down all the walls in the bathroom, put up new shower curtains and a put down a new rug. It’s a start. trip #2 to Target got us a new Etagere for over the toilet and a new cabinet with shelves and doors to hide all the extra bathroom things- no more Rubbermaid container.

Does this mean my home will start to look less like a Frat house after a kegger and more like an urban dwelling where adults with jobs live? Maybe. Will this cleaning frenzy pass through almost as quickly as my In-Laws? Probably. But in the meantime, there will be serious cleaning. Rubber gloves will be used. Upholstery will be cleaned and by god, this time I will not forget to dust in the bedroom. Just in case.

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