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That was quick.

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I have to say, that wasn’t a bad visit at all. It had it’s moments- when we got lost going to and from the farmers market were both gems- but overall I’d call it a success.

They got in late, we headed up to Broadway and had some pizza, sent them off to their hotel. We slept in this morning, my mom met us at the house and us girls headed off to the farmers market- when you are traveling with someone new to town, this is not the best time to test out new routes to places you’ve been 100 times- FYI.

Honey made waffles with his fantastic Belgian Waffle Iron and we had a huge breakfast of waffles, fruit and cinnamon rolls from the market. It was good.

They left around 2 and we went to the gym, I attempted to take a nap and the boys went to the bar.

Now my new adventure starts…training for my new job starts tonight at 9. Will I be able to stay awake? Only time will tell. I haven’t been able to sleep today, not that I didn’t try. Now I’m putting all my faith in Pepsi. Pepsi and huge bottles of water. At least I’ll sleep tomorrow!

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