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So it’s the first game of the season, we planned out the menu, got some beer from K.C. and were ready for a good time cheering for Missouri. (insert fight song here)

Since when did ESPN get so in love with the Illini?

Can they be any more biased?

Yes, the Illini scored first. Right off the bat, no question there.

Then Mizzou proceeds to DOMINATE the entire game from then on out.

Did you lose your notes on Mizzou or what because all I’m getting from you is stats and play by play for Illinois. WTF? They are losing!!!

Lets get some coverage that tells the story for both teams, not just the team you have obviously picked as your favorite to win.

Come on here, Mizzou is picked to win the Big 12 North and the Illini will be lucky it they win a Big 10 game at all. Yes, they led in blah blah blah whatever last year, but in this game, they are not bringing anything.

I don’t need to hear about why so and so didn’t get the yardage, let’s talk about how Mizzou is costing them this game- let’s talk about what is being done right.

I need to hear more positives about Mizzou than what you have to say immediately after Maclin scores twice in 5 minutes (we’d like to interrupt our regularly scheduled Illini jackoff session to let you know Missouri scored again…). I mean, you don’t have to go overboard or anything, just enough to let us know you can see that they are killing them out there- and it’s not a fluke…

I just watched for 15 minutes and even I get that ESPN is a bunch of jackass hacks who would have trouble deviating from the script they had set before them.

OK. Here are some gems from our announcers-

At 37-13 you said “Missouri had come from behind”…maybe in the 1st quarter they did, but they haven’t looked back since.

Right now the score is 37-20 and you said that Illinois is “Still in it” yes, they are, it you are making the observation that they are still playing the game.

And my favorite- after Missouri wins…”Missouri was able to hang on…”

I would have said “In the end the Illini just couldn’t pull it off.”
or “The Illini almost won but they didn’t.”

ESPN, you wore your heart on your sleeve with this game and it wasn’t beating for the black and gold. Next time try to be a little less disappointed when Mizzou wins. You might as well have said “Nice job Mizzou, we didn’t want you to win but you did…”

I guess there is always next week. Nice job boys. Let’s have a good season and please, PLEASE(!!!) no one forcibly make anyone watch Roots…we wanna love us some Missouri football.

Go Tigers.

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