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I may lose a finger during this post…FYI.

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My fingers hurt, ache, right to the bone. My palms feel like someone has been hitting them with a meat mallet for hours on end. They hurt so bad I can barely grasp a can to put it into my cart at the grocery store…I’ve got soft hands and soft feet- the hands that seem to scream “I’ve never lifted and ounce in my life!” at least that’s what the manicurists always seem to be saying when they ask me if I work. Yes, in fact I work very hard, I just have nice soft hands- it’s a blessing and a curse I guess. Surprisingly my nails are still intact- not one is broken and they haven’t looked this good in weeks. We’ll have to see about getting a manicure in before they turn to crap.

My thighs feel like I’ve been doing squats nonstop for the past 3 days- wait, I have been doing squats nonstop for the past 3 days! I guess it’s OK to skip the gym when you’ve developed your own Thighs of Steel workout. It consists of installing 4’x18″ shelves 13 inches from the base deck- over and over again. South of the thighs are the knees- bruised with permanent red creases from kneeling on the base deck while installing the 4’x18″ shelves. I swear I will work up the courage to wear my green knee pads here in a few days, I like having knees that aren’t bruised, even if I don’t particularly like my knees.

What is all this pain for? It’s for you my friend- all for you. I’m slowly killing off my extremities to bring you a bigger, better, prettier place to spend all your hard earned cash. We are working hard to get this place up and running on schedule so you can come and LOVE us.

So, I’ll let you in on a secret. The Maple Grove Super Target is GORGEOUS! My favorite part? My huge fixture room. Brand spanking new, ready to be organized within an inch of it’s life…I’m in heaven.

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