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Sleepless Nights.

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It rained last night. Not hard, not with lots of booming thunder or cracks of lightning, just rain.

Stanley didn’t like it.

He cried.
He barked.
He whined.

Finally we put him in his crate in the office.

Around 1:30 I woke to a horrible high pitched scream.

I wonder how long that had been going on…hopefully the neighbors weren’t home!

I brought him back to bed- baby likes to sleep in our bed.

I know it’s wrong and I’m a bad dog mom, but I like my little heater at the end of the bed. When he’s not acting like an asshole.

Anyways. He’s been doing the random barking thing all night, whining when he wants to get back on the bed until we lift him up there, grumbling like an old man. I just hope he’s not going to have another episode where he throws out his back.

I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep. I need it. My brain is numb from work right now and I need all the connections to get their rest and revive for me in the morning.

Here’s an update on the store- in case you were wondering. It’s looking like a REAL store where we have stuff to sell! It’s pretty beautiful actually. I thought I was going to make out with the 2 pallets of fixtures that showed up on Tuesday I was so happy to see them. A little inappropriate I admit but I was in serious need of these things- 4’label strip holders and hair dryer displays…not to mention 12″ magna bar pegs and many a fabric swatch!

Tomorrow I look forward to resetting cough and cold- thank you HQ for sending the label strips BEFORE we needed them instead of AFTER we’ve received a dozen trucks. Actually I don’t look forward to this. I look forward to organizing my fixture room a little more. My fencing shrine is beautiful- I wish my house was this easy to organize. Maybe if I had 1000 of everything and had gray bins and Waco boxes lining my walls! I can only dream. We do have some pretty sweet chairs in the clinic- I’ve been trying to see the brand on the tag every time I walk buy- I’d love them in my kitchen, super modern and chic.

Enough Target. Time to Sudoku.

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