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I can feel it.

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It’s almost officially Fall.

When Honey brings Stanley in from his walk there is a gust of crisp air that billows in behind them. The first batch of Chili was consumed heartily with cornbread just this week. This morning I cooked up some Winter squash, the first of many batches to come. I have a clean kitchen and a yen to bake away the weekend. My Mom made her annual trip to Emma Krumbee’s and bestowed upon us a bag of apples that lasted nearly a week and a jug of cider that lasted only two days. These are “Fall” things in my book.

I am going to hit the laundry hard tomorrow, start to pack away the tanks and bring out the sweaters. I’ve started to replace the summer candles- the fruity florals and linens and replace them with richer warmer scents. The A/C has been on low or off for most of the past week. The windows are spending a fair amount of time wide open.

Stanley has been wearing a hoodie for the past two weeks. The first morning I put it on he wiggled around like a happy little snake, he hasn’t had it off since. His spots-jet black in summer are starting to fade. I still haven’t gotten into the habit of wearing a jacket to work- it’s chilly in the morning, but by the afternoon it’s pretty warm, enough to have the air on in the car.

I haven’t switched to flannel sheets yet, I can feel that coming soon though. Putting the extra blankets on the bed, pulling out the warm PJ’s, turning on the gas. Fall things.

I love this time of year. Plotting our Halloween treats for the few tricksters that come our way- I usually go with cans of Candy Corn pop from Jones Soda- mostly because we LOVE it (weird I know)and the leftovers don’t last nearly as long as the candy does.

It’s raining now. Well, I can’t say I enjoy that part. I’m not a huge fan of precipitation of any type- blame it on the curly hair. Winter will soon be here-4th quarter Fuck Yeah(!). And Christmas. Then the new year. Who knows what that will bring!

Wow, all this from the squash and apple vanilla candles…

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