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Ode to the Lunch Box Brownie

Posted: October 16th, 2007 | Author: | Filed under: Food | No Comments »

Every once in awhile my husband is the recipient of a boxed lunch at work. Usually he leaves the dessert, a bar or cookie of some sort, wrapped in plastic for me. Because I am the sweet eater in our house. That’s what he likes to think anyway as he polishes off yet another pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

This week a small package of brownies made an appearance on our kitchen counter. Two perfectly cut rectangles, wrapped in plastic, not looking very exciting. I called them “institutional”. He called them “rich”. He said people raved about them at work. I let them sit on the counter for another day. Today I went to throw them out. Better just have a bite, see if they are in fact worth raving about.

Dense. Moist. Delicious.

Their non distinct appearance does not lend any hints at the perfect cocoa goodness that they are. Not cloyingly sweet, not slathered in frosting. Just perfect little rectangles of chocolate heaven.

Next time I will not make them sit on the counter for days begging to be eaten. They will find company with a cold glass of milk the minute they walk in the door.

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