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It’s good to be a Tiger.

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Oh how I miss this. Tonight my husband and I made a date with FCS and watched the Tigers blow CU away. Only two games before KU at Arrowhead. It’s enough to make me want to throw up. If I was offered a job in Columbia I would move right now. No questions asked.

I did find myself rooting for Nebraska today. I know, first time since I knew better- but what was the alternative really? KU? No way. I’m still not on board with their schedule of nobodies. I want to think they deserve to be ahead of us but I really don’t believe they have been tested. I mean Nebraska didn’t even score a touchdown against us. Yes, KU ran the score up to 39-76, they had no choice…

Oh, and FCS, you need different commercials. Proactive and the push-up contraption every single break is driving me insane. I mean really, I saw them at least a dozen times a piece and I still don’t know what that push-up thing is called!

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