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Be on our side.

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Please God, be on our side today.
I know in the past when it has come down to games like this (and there has never been a game like THIS) you haven’t exactly been there.
I know it’s crazy to pray for something as silly as a football game, but really, it is what it is and I’m going to do whatever I can.
In all the years I’ve cheered for Missouri I’ve never been this engaged. It has given me a reason to reclaim my ties with the school and I have been proud to sport the Black and Gold up here where the Maroon and Gold of the U is more accepted.

Be on our side.
Because I want to win.
Not because I think they don’t deserve it, but because I think we DO.
Because I can’t handle the heartbreak.
Because I have hung my head too many times for this team and I don’t want to hang my head this Sunday- This Sunday I want to hold my head high.
Because I don’t want to be the one saying “it was a close game, we did our best” I have said that too many times before.
Because I want to see pictures of Tiger fans tearing down a goalpost.
Because I want to see celebrating in the streets of Columbia even if I am alone celebrating in the streets on Minneapolis.

So please, make a girl happy. Be on our side.

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