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Please God. Send all the snow and ice to Albert Lea.

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It worked before, I’ll try it again.

I’m supposed to be going to a wedding tomorrow in Albert Lea. We are also expecting a nice ice/snow storm coming up from Iowa so I am hoping the weather goes to shit so I don’t have to sit in agony at a reception when I really want to be parked in front of the TV watching this final game of the season. Damn you Big 12!

This has been a crazy week. I think I’ve really messed with my sleep pattern as much as I can and still be sane. I’m not sure if I’ve eaten more than one meal a day either, you’d think the pounds would be falling off! I figured out that caffeine in the form of venti peppermint mochas and 20oz Mountain Dews isn’t enough to survive on, that eventually you just get the shakes and feel like you might pass out at any minute.

My husband turned 30. Wow. Old man! We went to a scotch tasting at Brit’s pub. It was fun. A nice warm room with a fireplace and Christmas tree. A man in a kilt giving a lecture on scotch. Wonderful. Paired with the freezing temps and being all dressed up for once I actually felt like an adult. Funny how valet parking and booze will do that.

All week I have been listening to this on my iPod at work. I think it’s a nice kick you in the balls anthem. It gets me going anyway.

And finally I just want to point out the only thing good to come out of Oklahoma:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love my little rockers more than beer most days. I know I’m too old, but I do. I love them. I heart them. They had me at hello. If any of them ever said hello in any place other than my dreams. Actually the only person saying hello in my dreams lately has been Manny Fernandez. Weird. He doesn’t even play for the Wild anymore.

I hope Iowa sends up some wicked storm so I can spend another Saturday on the verge of elation with that sick dread in my stomach just waiting for it to end. You know who I’ve hitched my wagon to. Hurray Hurrah Mizzou Mizzou. Go Tigers.

**The weatherman just said to stay off the roads, loads of snow here in the cities and Albert Lea will be an ice rink by tomorrow afternoon. If I could make one last request- we all know what that would be…

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