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Oh Mizzou.

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That was tough. Nothing seemed to be happening all night. With just over ten minutes left in the 4th quarter I had to get off the couch. I just couldn’t take it. Not that sitting in another room made a difference. It’s that sinking feeling. That second guessing feeling. That maybe we were wrong all along feeling. That let’s just get this over with feeling.

I know there is no shame in losing to OU. They played a great game, we didn’t. That doesn’t erase what happened this season. It wasn’t a dream- it happened and that can’t be taken away, whether anyone wants to recognise it or not, it happened. Great games were played, but we didn’t create the system. No one expected us to win, which everyone has made very apparent for the past weeks. Even when you win it’s not good enough. I think that’s what hurts the most, being dismissed with a pat on the head.

And so, since I’m feeling a little on the fucked up side from this whole experience, I give you Babyshambles with the Loyalty Song…

What did I dream…

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