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Please be my Nebraska, not my Oklahoma.

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So I’m in school (MU if you hadn’t figured that out) and I am just hanging on by a thread here with Geology. I hate this class. I hate that I failed this midterm once before which is the reason I have an incomplete in the first place. Now it’s time to take this damn thing again. This time there are a lot fewer questions, but I still have doubts as to my ability to actually pass it.

Taking exams through CDIS is no picnic either:

1. Choose a proctor.
2. Request an exam.
3. Wait.
4. Proctor denied- this is MAILED to you, so not timely at all.
5. Choose another proctor.
6. Request an exam.
7. Wait.
8. Proctor approved- again, MAILED.
9. Wait for proctor to contact you after exam is received.
10. Email proctor to find out they received the exam last week.
11. Find out this week is booked for pencil exams.
12. Schedule exam for a time that is not convenient, but the only time left within the window before the exam is sent back to Missouri.

I’ll only have to do this four times and now that I know who my approved proctor is I can skip some steps.

I had hoped to finish up Winter Semester by taking the remaining two classes after I am done with the dreaded Geology but I’m thinking I’m not that motivated so I need to just do one at a time. I don’t even think MU going to the National Championship would have been enough to motivate me to that goal. I guess I’ve waited this long, what’s one more semester, right?

Cross your fingers, pray, do whatever you can, I really need to do well on this test. This test is my Oklahoma Sooners. It’s beaten me before, I need to give it the props it deserves. No trash talk about the midterm.

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