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Clearly I am delusional.

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I thought I could pass this test. I really did. I’ve been listening to the lectures nonstop on my iPod for a week, I’ve read and reread and requized and done everything I could think of. After getting to the test site 15 minutes late (U of M-pain in my ass parking and way messed up streets) I sat down to my test. Words I have never seen before flitted across the page. How can I be tested on things I haven’t even read about? At the end I counted the ones I’m pretty sure I got right (32)and there is a good chance I got some of the others correct just by dumb luck. I only need 30 right to be on track. I just need to pass this damn test. I’m not sure though, and no amount of Brown Sugar Butter cookies from Lunds are going to change that.

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