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Cellphone, check.

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So Friday night I was headed to work and my car started to do this horrible shudder thing. I figured I would pull over at Starbucks, check out what was wrong and then it happened. A pop. A swoosh. I pulled over to the side of the freeway and stopped. I calmly got out of my car and walked around to survey the damage, not sure what I would find, pretty sure it would have to do with my tires. What I didn’t expect to see was one of my tires ENTIRELY MISSING. Yep. It was gone.

So, I got back in my car and went to call my husband. Checked all the pockets, dumped out the entire contents of my bag, no phone. It was 8:30 at night. I was about a mile in each direction from an exit. Traffic was whizzing by, surely someone would stop. I mean, my entire tire came off, someone saw that, right? Someone is going to pull over and help me, right?

No, not exactly. I mean in this situation you don’t want any random stranger to stop, but you can’t just sit there all night. As I watched yet another car be pulled over in the speed trap on the other side of the median I began to panic. What would I do if no one stopped? It was 2 fucking degrees outside, I sure as hell wasn’t walking a mile in the dark to an exit.

Finally around 9:30 a car pulled up, a car with lights on top- good sign. It was one of those traffic cops, community patrol, I’m not sure what they are called. I asked to use his cell phone to call my husband and then he stayed in his car until he got there to put on the spare. That was nice. He said an off duty officer called in my car and we walked back to pick up my tire. I was expecting a shredded mess, like you see littering the road everywhere. No, my tire was in one piece, like it just popped off the side. Messed up.

After all of that I went to work, my honey went home. Saturday he spent the day getting me new tires and a whole brand new wheel. Merry Christmas me, I always wanted $600 worth of tires for Christmas. Actually, I was pretty pissed about that, I just replaced those tires in March. I suppose from now on I won’t leave the house without my phone, and if I see a disabled vehicle I will call that thing in, because I learned something that night, no one fucking stops.

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