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Is there some new crackdown on parking?

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So I live in the Minneapolis on nice quiet residential street. Each day there are 15- 20 cars parked on said street. We have been parking here for three years. In the past week we have received two parking citations. For three years there the only citation we have received was from our neighbor reminding us not to block her “Carriage Walk” on Monday, otherwise no matter how crowded the street has been, never a ticket, nothing. Now I feel like our street is on some sort of watch by the traffic police. Two in a week? What’s up with that? I’m super paranoid about the next snow emergency when we all squeeze onto one side- it can be done, but add in the extra footage from corners, stop signs, sidewalks and driveways, I’m pretty sure you can put exactly 4 cars on our street. I’ve seen cars parked in other neighborhoods where the cars are sticking our around corners and crammed in so tight it looks like they must have been placed there from above, but our street isn’t like this. What gives Minneapolis?

In other car related news, as I was doing dishes last night I heard a loud crash and honking coming from University. I opened the kitchen window blinds to reveal that a car had crashed into an SUV that was parked on University in front of the church. Thankfully the driver was alright, a little shaken up but she jumped out of her car pretty quickly. Instead of giving tickets to people like me on quiet streets, maybe parking shouldn’t be allowed on busy two lane streets like University? Tooling along at 35 MPH and then slamming into a parked car is no fun…watch the road, but who’s expecting that?

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