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Christmas Eve day. Better known as the day my husband gets to open all of his gifts which he has already opened and in some cases tried to wear or spend already. I was never much of a peeker when it came to gifts. My husbands family makes an art form out of it. Blades slice open tape at the seams, tape is measured out to cover the old tape, paper is carefully folded back into position. Gift cards are lucky if they last until the 24th. Note to family- the later the gifts come the better, he’s been trying to wear those new boots for two weeks now!

Since I’ve been married this is the day we celebrate with a nice Mexican feast. Tamales, enchiladas, taco dip, salsa, guacamole, margaritas and tequila shots. It really depends on how fast the margarita mix runs out. Some years we get creative and can pull just about anything off with what’s in the bar downstairs. Lately pickin’s are slim. Tonight it will be just four of us, low key. Late dinner, open gifts by the fire, watch Christmas Vacation and off to bed. Tomorrow we’ll have brunch and stockings and head home to get ready for dinner at Debbie’s.

I haven’t been on my game this year. Cookies are barely baked and I only made one of the usual suspects. I just now printed out Christmas letter cards. Originally I nixed the idea altogether but as the cards started to come in I caved. The tree is in the middle of the dining room, still in it’s tree bag. If someone saw this from the street they would think we had a body in there. I didn’t wrap a single present and I barely did the shopping. This is great, a husband who does the Christmas shopping you might think. Everyone is getting DVDs! Yep, and I’m OK with that. I didn’t have to do the work. Every once in awhile you just get burnt out. Last year Christmas was big with iPod’s, computers and themed gift wrap. Not so much this year.

This year we’re still pulling hats and gloves out of the box from under the bed- they haven’t even been moved onto the foyer. I need the New Year to come in a really bad way. New Years eve is usually spent getting the house in order. Big furniture rearranging is done. Big cleaning is accomplished. It’s a good time for me and it can’t come soon enough. For example: my dining room currently has a dresser purchased in October sitting in front of the radiator, currently it is covered in Christmas gifts.

This year I have the joy of working on Christmas night! I have to say the timing sucks, but with only two days left in toys, I’m ready to move on. My job is to transition departments, except for November/December when my team is in charge of Toys. Usually I like to get into a department and get out, as quickly as possible. Kind of like a one night stand. After I’ve been there, it’s never the same again and hopefully I won’t see you again for at least 6 months. Not so with the latest project. I’m there every night. I see the abuse that tears apart the work we’ve done in the low glow of the overnight lights. I see my precious risers once tall and proud picked apart and ultimately destroyed. One by one.

Tomorrow, we start to put it all back together in a two night attack. It will be a test for my team, two of which have never so much as laid their hands on a mallet or battleshipped unpegged backer paper. This is going to be fun.

So, that was quite the ramble, but that’s what you get from someone who has been up since 2am…enjoy the Yule log.

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