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I thought I was getting better.

I thought all that was left was this nasty rash under my nose after it got rubbed raw from the constant blowing last week. I even had my sense of smell back, not to mention the fact that I could actually TASTE food! When I woke up today with a full body ache and a throat that feels like sandpaper and doesn’t seem to know how to swallow I wanted to die.

I’m done being sick!

I know it’s never convenient to be sick, but this is really inconvenient. I’m BUSY at work right now. Maybe two weeks ago this would have been better, I’m sure I would have bitched then too, but now is really not the time. I’ve already had a week of this crap and now it’s back. And it’s worse. I don’t want to be the one with the shot of DayQuil next to my Mountain Dew. I want to be well!
I know my schedule sucks and I’m sure that adds to this, but all I do is work and sleep- so it’s not like I’m not resting.

Anyway. I’m treating this with Listerine, hot tea, hot baths and Tea Tree Oil. And Loads of Tylenol Arthritis- that shit is fantastic.

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