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How my day has gone.

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3:37am 100.7F
4:15am 101.3F
6:00am 101.8F
8:30am 101.3F

This is where I find out that liquid DayQuil on an empty stomach makes you feel like you’re on fire from the inside. Also, grapefruit is not good in this situation. No matter how much vitamin C is packed into that little peel. Not good at all. Milk did wonders to stop the burning. The crying and crazy sweating really freaked me out. I don’t remember being this sick. I was able to keep down just enough DayQuil to stop that fever in it’s tracks and get a little sleep though.

1:18pm 98.5F
4:39pm 98.9F
5:51pm 99.2F

Then I called into work. I HATE calling in to work. I thought when we were having soup for lunch I might be able to make it. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. The fever seems to be creeping back. The best part was the delusions around 4am.

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