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Pop my ears, please!

Posted: January 3rd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Before We had Kids! | No Comments »

I have ears that feel like I’ve just landed from a cross country flight and didn’t have the good sense to yawn a few times before exiting the plane. This remnant from my bout with the flu paired with a still swollen throat is more annoying than painful. I’m beginning to think candling my ears would be a great idea but I know that would just dry me out and I don’t need that right now.

I need to wage war on my house this weekend. Just me and a big bottle of Clorox. My husband can wield the broom, run the shredder and deliver trash to the can. I may even clean out the closet- my favorite thing to do. I have no loyalty to most of the things in there and my seasonal wardrobe has barely made it out from it’s home under the bed so I imagine the piles going to Goodwill will be big.

It feels good to see the light at the end of this tunnel, I only wish it had come sooner (or later) not when I’m so damn busy at work. I did get through Sex and the City season 5 during my early morning wake ups. Only 20 episodes left. They can wait until Saturday. My husband will be so motivated to stay home and clean with that running in the background!

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