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Friday Night Dinner.

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Last week my mom announced that she would be coming over for dinner and Friday Night Lights from now on. I’m down with this. It gives me a chance to actually cook an interesting meal each week and gives me a chance to see her each week on a schedule. I need a schedule. I like things to have a set time and date so I can plan and prepare.

Tonight we are having:
Baked Rigatoni in Bechamel
Homemade Oreos

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my house will not be spotless for this visit, but it will be picked up, less cluttered and the kitchen will be wiped down in preparation for the deep cleaning that will go down tomorrow.

Bleach. check!
Lysol. check!
Rubber Gloves. check!
Paper Towels. check!

We finally broke down and hauled out all the shipping boxes from Christmas last night. A month of crazy schedule for me made things a bit nuts around here. I love my husband dearly and he does help out around the house, but unless I specifically ask, it’s not getting done. So, if I don’t do it and I don’t ask him to do it, the mess continues to grow.

I’m going to clarify the schedule bit, because I know we all have jobs and are busy. I usually work 4 days in a row, three days off, overnight. Easy, I love it. From mid November until this past week I’ve been working 1-2 days, day off, 1-2 days, day off- 10-12 hour shifts, overnight. Which means when it is my one day off, I’m getting home and am dead to the world and then up all night. I am so unbelievable happy to have my schedule back.

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