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Fantastic actually, and super easy too.

I think I’ll make them again but this time use a smaller scoop (melon baller?) so they are more true to size.

Today is cleaning day.

I think we may be able to knit ourselves a new cat out of the hairballs under the radiators alone. Whatever shall we name her? Yes, it’s a girl. Audrey needs a friend and since she’s the one who sits around hugging the radiators all day long I’m going to guess our knitted cat will look an awful lot like her, minus the random patches of color. It’s probably hard to knit those in…

I feel like we should have some sort of reward for cleaning all day. John’s got an appointment at Aveda and a date for drinks with a frat brother. Me, I’ve got nothing tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I’ve heard it’s amazing and I’m willing to do subtitles for amazing. Two of my favorite movies of all time, Burnt by the Sun and Kolya still have me dependant on the subtitles, even at the height of my Russian speaking days.

Stanley seems to be feeling better. I think he may have an egg allergy. Would that be weird for a dog? After dinner last night he seemed much more comfortable, even ate his Greenie which he had very little interest in all day long. It’s never good when he’s not interested in his Greenie.

Maybe I’ll take myself shopping later, or maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow before the movie. I still have a late Christmas gift to send and darn it if I haven’t even picked it out yet!

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