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Our new coffee maker.

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It’s pretty fancy.

It’s a Keurig special edition one cup at a time deal.

It makes the perfect cup, every time.

I bought a K-Cup filter from Gear Hungry so I can have the exact coffee I want and not drop tons of money on pre-packaged K-Cup coffee.

It has three sizes to choose from.

The small size looks like a Teacup, the medium size looks like a regular Coffee mug and the third size looks like a Latte mug.

The largest size barely fills a regular size coffee mug, I’m not talking my grande Starbucks mugs here, I’m talking your regular old coffee mugs that came with your china.

I really love this coffee pot, don’t get me wrong, but I drink a lot of coffee- half a pot and then I stop at Starbucks on my way to work for a venti Mocha. Brewing one cup at a time becomes a bit much.

So this is why we have our Cuisenart sitting next to our Keurig on our teeny tiny counter. I am willing to sacrifice precious conutertop real estate so that I can have coffee in whatever volume I need.

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