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Around 1:00 I was abruptly pulled yanked from sleep by hammering. Pounding, doors banging, men talking.

This is what annoys me about renting. I have no control over who may be in the building (are they in the stairwell? basement? 2nd floor kitchen?) at any given time.

Stanley of course went nuts. Barking and grumbling and whining under the covers.

I stayed on the edge of sleep for the next 4 hours when I finally got up.

I walked downstairs to see what was up- did they build a new shrine to the pay-per-use washing machine? No. I walked up the stairwell- anything new up here? No.

What the fuck were they doing?

I know it’s my choice to rent and it’s obviously my choice to work overnights, but come on, if we’re going to be making that much noise, maybe I want some new cabinets and a new counter top in MY kitchen!

Well, I’m not going to ask for that.

So I ordered Chinese for dinner. Always makes me feel better.

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