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Two weeks in a row.

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Before last week, the last movie I saw in a theatre was 300. In MARCH! Let’s just say we aren’t the best at getting our asses to the theatre when we see something we think we might like. We’re more likely to just buy it when it comes out on DVD, sight unseen, This is how we’ve come to own gems such as Kicking and Screaming and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. I never said it was a good practice, but we do it nonetheless.

Last week we saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It was lovely. We both enjoyed it quite a bit. It hit all the right emotions and was stunning to look at in general. We enjoyed it so much in fact that this weekend we made a date to see Atonement. Can I just say- Wow!

I really liked this movie. The way I like Gosford Park in it’s I’m not going to say too much you figure it out on your own sort of way. I really really liked this movie. The ending kind of threw me I have to say, I kind of like period pieces to stay back where they are, don’t jump ahead to present day, but I see how it wrapped up the story nicely. No tears in this movie for me, which is odd. It seemed like I would shed a few at least but it was so abrupt where they would have been appropriate that I never got to that point.

So, good and good.

Next week we’re going to see Juno. I’m pretty pumped for this one and it will have a much different feel than the last two so that will be welcome. The preview for The Other Boleyn Girl looks pretty good, I love love loved the book so I’m sure it won’t stand up to my expectations, but it looks promising, even though I am not a fan of Natalie Portman.

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