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I am addicted to Vitamin Water. Not all flavors, just one in particular. I dare not type the flavor here as I’m afraid of who might find my site and what they would be googling- let me tell you, the number of people who find this little blog searching for the words tickled, wet or pits in any combination is stunning. Same with Joan of Arc and tattoo- who knew?

Anyway, this certain flavor is a combination of Acai, Blueberry and Pomegranate (triple antioxidants) usually I cannot stand any of these in juice form, Pom teas are a different story- but this, I love.

I get the sweats if I go to pull it from the cooler and it’s sold out, nothing compares. I have no hopes that it is actually doing anything good for me, but it satisfies in a way that nothing else cold can.

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