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I like Friday.

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So, this is now officially a routine.

Gym at 5.
Breugger’s/ Taracinno at 6.

What a great morning.

Now I’ve got to clip the coupons, make the list and hit Target- tonight, Steak Mustard, pronounced moo STARD. Kind of like Steak Diane but heavier on the dijon, no cream. It promises to be very very good, plus it’s cooked table side at the Lafayette Club- how fancy are we.

I’m also attempting Gougeres. Those mouth popping eggy cheese balls are so damn good. Add a salad and call it dinner.

Dessert is up in the air, probably something from Lund’s since my mom is coming from work. More cleaning to do today, I’ll also attempt a nap at some point. Tomorrow we’ll go see Juno bright and early and check our Rosedale. I hate malls and rarely step foot in one, but it’s got DSW and a Granite City in it and I promised Honey that I’d spring for lunch so who can resist.

I need some new boots. I have some tall flat boots but I need a little heel, but I also want a nice buckle or something. I still haven’t gotten anything with my Christmas money and I keep telling myself I should get some new boots. I thought about going with Piperlime since I have a Gap giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, but I haven’t found what I want. What if I get something I don’t like, I hate doing online returns, even if they are free. I’ll see what they have at DSW. Black, tall shaft, buckle detail- how hard is it to find this?

To the coupons!

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