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Well that was good.

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So simple and yet so EXCITING!

I’ve never lit anything aflame in my kitchen, unless you count the pilot on the stove.

The Gougeres were just OK. I think next time I will make them bit a smaller- make 2 batches or cook them longer, dry out the dough a bit more on the stove before I add the eggs. I also found the recipe from Gale Gand, my first intro to these mini cheese souffles. I look forward to trying them again, they were really good even if something seemed not quite right.

The salad- I made a dressing with Blood orange juice, Dijon, Olive oil and bit of Rice Wine vinegar. The salad itself had fancy romaine and radicchio with pecans, cranberries and Blood orange slices. I actually didn’t touch this- I couldn’t stop eating the lovely steak.

The steak.
I got the recipe from someone who grew up having this prepared table side at the Lafayette Club. She called it Steak Mustard (moo- STARD) I found many recipes that seemed a bit similar that were called Steak Diane. Anyway, it was super easy.

-Pound sirloin thin, about 1/4″-1/2″, cut this in half if it starts to come apart at the marbling (I sauteed up the fatty pieces I cut off for Stanley, he was in heaven)
-Season with salt and pepper or lemon pepper on both sides
-Slather both sides with Dijon (I wasn’t given any more direction than to slather it on, so I did and it turned out fine)
-Saute onions in butter (I caramelized two thinly sliced onions)
-Cook the steak 5-8 minutes on each side on top of the onions, the mustard kind of pulls away from the steak and mixes in, there won’t be a good sear on the steak
-Drizzle Brandy over the steak
-Light it on fire, let the alcohol burn off

You are left with a lovely, velvety sauce to serve over the steaks.
I think this would be great with mushrooms added in but it was really excellent on it’s own.

We finished the night off with Cherry Cheesecake and Cherries and Cream Gelatto.

Oh, we also had a Beringer Founder’s Reserve Chardonnay and a Red Truck Red. First time I’ve had this Red Truck, everyone seemed to like it’s smoothness, I can’t do dry red’s.

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