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Bad sitter.

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Last night we went to my mom’s for our weekly Friday Night Lights food fest.

-Asiago and Green Onion Crusted Grouper with Pico
-Fried Plantains
-Roasted Asparagus
-Lemon Supreme Pie

There was also a lovely rice dish made with coconut milk and a bunch of other things but the brown rice would.not.absorb.liquid. After an hour it was still pretty sketchy so we just ignored the dish altogether.

It was so good. I wanted to slather that asiago and green onion mix on crackers it was so good. A winner to be sure.

I was practically comatose on the couch with the tired and the ache and I barely made it to the car to go home. My mom sent me home with some Tylenol with Codeine for my neck- I turned down the vicodin. Last night as I was drifting to sleep I felt slightly numb all over, a good numb. I was so paranoid I had taken too much Tylenol during the day I gave my husband specific details as to what I took when, “just in case something happens”. Drugs don’t sit well with me, I’m always scared that I’m going to develop and addition and end up having to use one of those programs from sites as http://firststepbh.com to detox myself. Here I am, alive and well and wouldn’t you know it- my neck still feels like I was hit with a bat. Should’ve taken that vicodin.

I figured I would sleep until a normal hour. Yesterday I was up at 1am. I went to bed around 11pm. Here I am, wide awake at 3am. Fuck. Clearly I could sleep longer but while we were away last night we left Stanley in charge. And by that I mean we let him stay out of his crate. What we didn’t notice was that he ate all the cat food while we were gone.

The duet of Audrey and Henry-Simon came in waves. Crying, moaning, walking all over the bed making Stanley lunge around like a psychopath. I get up, not realizing what their issue is. I sit down at the computer to check email. The real symphony begins. Cardboard box chewing ensues, and then computer cords.

Oh, you guys are hungry. Yes, because you might starve. I know, we are so mean, you must resort to chewing on a cardboard box or risking electrocution to let me know your bowl is in fact empty. I get it now.

An hour later, here I sit.

I don’t think 4:30 is too early to make cinnamon rolls.

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