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My back is jacked.

In an attempt to baby my neck I messed up my back. I feel so good. Yesterday was spent lounging around, watching Masterpeice on the DVR. I have never really gotten into Jane Austen but it was kind of a relaxing day.

I was up at 3 this morning. I even took a traz, I have serious sleep issues. Now I’m waiting for the Tetrazzini to get out of the oven, a nice comforting meal that will last a few days- I love left overs. Tonight we will have pesto and caramelized onion pizzas during the game, more likely before the game considering I will be headed off to work around 7.

If you read this blog you know I am a Missouri Tiger football fan. Basketball was ruined years ago for my by Quin Snyder. Even though he is gone we are still feeling the burden of his recruiting and I seriously cannot wait for his last class to be gone. This week has been one for the record books- suspensions, arrests, broken jaw. Surprisingly they pulled out a win against K-State yesterday. Kudos to the coach for sticking it to the offenders and making tough decisions early in the week.

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