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Oh darn.

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I am a Redwings fan.

That says a lot, being from Minnesota. Obviously it all started when Norm Green took the Northstars to Dallas, I could not fathom cheering for the Dallas Stars and had to pick a new team. There was a short run with the Blues and a nice run with the Leafs, then I got hooked on anything Russian and choose the reddest of the red teams- the Redwings, led by the Russian 5. Now, the Russian 5 are gone and half the NHL seems to end in -ov but I still love my Wings.

Tonight we had tickets to the Wild game. They played the Wings. I of course wore my Wings jersey while my husband was decked out head to toe in Wild gear. There was a fair smattering of Wings fans, thankfully Minnesota fans are a lot less in your face than St. Louis fans and I had no fear of being jumped after each goal.

I was a bit nervous as we headed into the last 5 minutes of play and my beloved Wings were down 2-1. They were working hard down at the other end of the ice, pounding away on Backstrom. Finally he let in an easy shot and we headed into overtime.

The asshat next to me who had been talking shit all night shut the fuck right up.

1:37 into overtime, Lebda took a pass from Zetterberg and slipped it passed Backstrom for a win.

Woo hoo!

The best part of the game was when Chelios was interacting with a guy just to the left of us during a break. There was some profane hand gesturing, laughing and smiling, more gesturing involving a tongue and fingers…hilarious.

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