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Half-way there?

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De-clutter. check.
Hang up extra coats. check.
Burn candles. check.
Do a load of dishes. check.

This is why my house is always in disarray. Burning candles is part of my routine and dusting is not. Hanging up coats is part of the weekly checklist, not something one does when they walk in the door. When we get home, coats go on a chair. In the dining room. Piled so high the chair sometimes tips over. That’s what you get with no coat closet. Tippy chairs.

I did get rid of a ton of clutter- piles of books, miscellaneous socks poking out from under furniture, picked up stacks of CD’s and stacked them against their wall, again. I really need to invest in some sort of storage for these things but they multiply at a rate that makes keeping them in any sort of order out of the question. Stacks work much better. They also serve as good resting points for the cats when they are stalking the squirrels outside, hence the need to restack.

Another big problem at our house is the mail. I grew up in a house with a stack of mail on the counter at all times and I have tried to break this habit with a mail sorter and a paper shredder but it still ends up in this crazy pile. I even have a garbage can on the porch to toss the weekly ad pages and coupon crap into before it even gets into the house. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. At least I got a pile ready to shred and all the tax stuff in one pile. Progress.

Here is where it goes downhill.

After a load of dishes I decided I needed a nice relaxing soak in the tub. All that candle lighting really burnt me out. Now I’m set to make the grocery list and I’d better hightail it over to Target and get that out of the way before too late.

Floors have not been swept or washed, the dust bunnies are still safe in their nooks, the kitchen and bathroom still need to be cleaned and I still have dishes to do.

My hair smells like coconut and I feel refreshed, so I suppose I can tackle the tough stuff tomorrow. Or Sunday.

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