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Sorry Blog 365.

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I was really doing very well posting every day in January. Some of my favorite blogger’s post multiple times every day. That, I cannot compete with! I have kind of fallen off track here in February though. I suppose for me Blog 365 will have to be a goal of 365 POSTS in 2008, not actually posting every single day. I have had a few days- lazy Saturdays where I post a few times but days like yesterday just get away from me and I miss it altogether.

I don’t want to be the apologetic “sorry it’s been so long” “I’m really still alive here” blogger. We all get busy and who knows if anyone is actually reading this anyway?

Also, since I seem to be doing a bit of housecleaning- can I just say, spellchecker being down is causing me a mighty headache? I know I studied journalism but a copy editor I am not. I sometimes copy to Word and run it there but sometimes I don’t- sorry interwebs, I blame it on Blogger.

I am skipping out on Friday morning gym fun and I am even letting my husband pick up our morning coffee and bagels without me. I feel guilty about this. Breugger’s AND Taracinno and I’m not even walking further than my front door? Shame. Oh well, it’s our Valentines weekend kickoff. We always do our big dinner on a Saturday, either before or after the actual day and tomorrow is it. Fuji-Ya, I cannot wait.

I hope today is very productive for me. I have a mountain of clothes to fold, a house to clean and my Mom will be over for Friday Night Lights (can we just call this what it is? A drool fest, have you seen these guys?) and we are going for low key- tacos. Easy, cheap, and I could eat them every day.

Well, I’d better get cracking, I can have the living room and the dining room de-cluttered before Honey gets home from the gym and I’ll be well on my way to hitting my goal.

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