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Cold snap.

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Um, it was warm enough to wear a hoodie to Target yesterday morning. By the time we left Target with our cart full of groceries and only a single plastic bag (!!!) huge wet flakes were falling. After we hit up Lund’s it was starting to get cold. By the time we left for dinner I wanted to wrap up in a blanket and sip cocoa on the couch, screw the sushi.

Well, we toughed it out, made our way to Uptown, navigated the parking mess and sat down to a lovely dinner. My husband tried Sea Urchin and Octopus. I branched out a bit but not that far- the Kampachi was amazing and the Surf Clam was pretty good too. By the time we left I wanted nothing more than to be cocooned into a warm nest and not get out until spring. We stopped at Surdyk’s for dessert from the cheese shop and went home to watch a movie.

We had The Guardian on DVR and since it had inspired my BIL to go down and visit the Coast Guard recruiter last year (and undergo many many tests to get in as an officer I might add) we thought we’d better check it out. I can’t say I didn’t like this movie. I was fairly entertained. We both had a very hard time understanding why on earth our little Jimmy would think he was capable of anything that happened on that screen. Thankfully he was recruited by a less life threatening organization- Bank of America and we can all sleep well knowing he is safe.

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