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Worst at best.

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So, worst date ever.

Maybe not ever, but a train wreck.

It seemed like it was a blind date, they didn’t seem to know each other and right off the bat things seemed a little off. They were early twenties, recent grads of the U, both had new jobs, he in some sort of tech capacity, I don’t remember what she did. She seemed a bit high maintenance, he more laid back. The restaurant is one of the most highly touted spots in the city, located in Northeast Minneapolis- a hipster’s paradise. They specialize in “small plates” two to four bite items that you order a bunch of and share- this is what they are known for, this is what they do well, this is why people go there. The waitress explained the whole shebang when they sat down.

The tables are close at The Sample Room, like you might bump your ass on the person next to you as you get up for the ladies room if you are J.Lo.

The girl on this date got up many, many times.

She was also constantly texting or talking on her cell phone. Sometimes she would just start calling people while in mid conversation, maybe she was trying to send out an SOS to a friend- fake a death I need out of this date! Which would be weird since he needed to be saved from her.

The poor guy was working really hard through all of this, trying to find a topic they could stay on, trying to ignore the fact that she was calling her BFF to talk about nail polish. Funny thing was, he never seemed annoyed, and he just kept trying a new angle, kept a smile on. Denial.

She ordered a side salad for dinner. A little flabbergasted he ordered one of the small plates; I think it was the meatloaf, which is actually pretty good. When I heard him order I tried to make eye contact- you will be sorry, see this here plate, that was the meatloaf- two bites my friend, delicious, but SMALL!!! (For reference, we ordered at least eight things, we just kept ordering when we saw something else that sounded good.) The waitress asked if he was sure, he asked his date if she wanted a sandwich or something, an entree, a gander at the menu again, someone to explain the whole sharing of small plates concept again. She just wanted a salad, dressing on the side. He said he was fine as well. OK! The waitress looked at me and we had a little moment of understanding.

When their food arrived her salad was gigantic compared to his little plate. He looked down and made a little joke about how he didn’t know if he’d be able to finish, she didn’t even crack a smile, she got up to use the ladies room, again, nearly taking out my wine flight on the way. This is when I wanted to tell him to flee- my husband wanted to reassure him that there was a White Castle not too far up the road and from their conversation, probably on his way home. You too will eat tonight my friend.

The last thing I remember was her telling him she was tired and really needed to get home, then whipping out her phone and making plans for later. This guy deserved a medal.

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine had this restaurant as the Best place for a First Date, I imagine the whole choosing items, trying new things and sharing would take some pressure off and be a great time for anyone else. Such a night should not have been wasted on this girl.

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