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Smell me.

Posted: February 16th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Before We had Kids! | 1 Comment »

I love perfume.

Right now I have a few bottles in rotation and I just spent some time perusing the counter at Macy’s looking for something new. I wear a scent every day. I hate to run out and I have bottles that long after they are empty I open up and sniff just to bring back memories- Burberry Brit, Vetyver, Stella. Like little parts of my past all lined up on the shelf.

We got to the mall early. I didn’t have to speak to a single person at the fragrance counter because they didn’t seem to be there yet. Fantastic, just me and those bottles and strips. Let the fun begin.

First up, Flowerbomb. You may think this would smell like flowers and you would be very wrong. It smells like sugar. It smells like softness wrapped up in a spun sugar frosted dessert. I like it. I hate that I like this but I do. I really cannot justify liking this scent, it’s too soft and sweet and eat me up good. Hell.

I thought Lovely deserved a chance. I love it, but it smells almost exactly like Narcisso Rodriguez for Her which I wear almost every day. Scratch that off the list.

Next was Covet. I will carry this one around and see if I like it in a week. Right now it’s sitting pretty well with me but I really hate the bottle. I know that shouldn’t sway me, but it does.

At that point I was on olfactory overload and I had a free Patricia Wexler product coupon burning a hole in my pocket so we headed over to Bath and Body Works to get some sort of magical face saving gel cream. It’s free, what can I say?

I kept pulling that Flowerbomb strip out of my pocket. I still like it.

I want to check out Fresh Lemon Sugar before I make any decisions but I think I’m leaning towards Flowerbomb. I don’t have any sugary goodness in my lineup so it may be a welcome addition. I still can’t smell, so that will have to wait for another day.

What I really want is a new something for my Honey. I’m very fond of his bottle of Desire- I love love love this scent. He hardly ever wears it though and I think another something in his lineup (toss out the Tommy and the Abercrombie already!) may perk it up a bit. Le Male is always a contender, maybe something with tobacco flower.

I cannot get enough tobacco flower. I think that comes from my obsession with Nude by Bill Blass (long since discontinued) when I was in college. This was a fragrance that I could not pull off. It does not sit well with my chemistry at all. That said, I could sniff it out anywhere and just swoon over it. A girl across the hall from me freshman year wore it and I just loved it when she walked by. I finally got a bottle and it just wasn’t the same. Now I settle for a single note fragrance oil from The Body Shop and my house smells like it- Miss DeRosa may as well be living in my spare bedroom.

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One Comment on “Smell me.”

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