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Freak Out.

Posted: February 22nd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | No Comments »

Wednesday night on my way to work I stopped at Starbucks like I do every other night. I freaked out. It occurred to me while I was waiting in line at the drive-thru that I maybe shouldn’t be drinking triple venti mochas every day. I had already ordered and couldn’t really back out at that point, so I just paid for my drink and went on my way. Seriously, I know there is only a 30% chance to conceive during the first cycle and I won’t really know anything for a week or so, but I was not prepared to give up my Starbucks this minute.

I haven’t been drinking since Thanksgiving really (a glass of wine on Friday nights max) and I don’t smoke, my vice is coffee. Sweet sweet Starbucks 4 days a week on my way to work. I need to give it up but I don’t think I can do it cold turkey. Maybe drop it down to a tall. Mountain Dew needs to go as well. Staying up at night will become much harder me thinks.

This is the weird thing about “trying”, it’s not like you decide you would like a kid and you run over to Target and pick one out. You do your part and hope for the best. Then you wait. By the time you find out for sure you’re already considered like 4 weeks along.

So, I guess the Starbucks needs to go away.

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